Our Mission

We aim to be one of the world's leading recycler's by playing an active role in seeking solutions to global environment challenges.

Singh Metal is a company you can trust to handle all of your metal recycling needs.

We provide both individuals & companies with the most thorough, safe and cost-effective solutions to their recycling and environmental needs. Our experience, expertise and resources lead the way to comprehensive recycling and environmental solutions.

Recycling Materials

Metals We Recycle


Promoting Environmental Conservation


Fueling the local economy

Through the process of buying and selling scrap metal our business is responsible for circulating money back into the economy.


Positive influence on the planet

Year after year our company strives to prevent scrap metal from going into landfills across the country.


100% Satisfaction guarantee

We follow through on our promise to provide the right quality product, at the right place, at the right time.

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